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October 17, 2022

Andre Sutton
International Vice President
Air Division Director
Transport Workers Union of America

Tom Regan
Airline Coordinator
Transportation Department IAMAW

Dear Andre & Tom:

The Company recognizes that some team members represented by the TWU-IAM Association (the
"Association") were impacted by Hurricane lan. This letter confirms the measures the Company will
provide to Association represented team members covered by the Fleet, M&R, and MLS JCBAs who are
based at the below Florida stations and, during the following dates, were impacted by Hurricane lan as
the airport(s) closed and the Company ceased all operations:

TPA:   9/28-9/29
MCO: 9/29 - 9/30
JAX:   9/28-9/30
FLL:   9/28-9/29

The Company will pay protect those team members who were unable to report to work due to airport
closures at the above stations and during the above identified dates in the following manner:

•  Team members who were regularly scheduled to work between the dates identified above at their specific stations will be paid for their entire shift. "Regularly scheduled for work" is defined as shifts where team member(s) were originally scheduled to work during the dates identified above at their station, including any shift trades (i.e. those who picked up extra shifts during the identified dates will be paid for those shifts; those who dropped shifts during these dates will not);
•  Any team member who took vacation, including DAT or HAT, Holiday, COMP or VTO during the above time period(s) will be converted to regular time and be paid for their entire shift:
•  Any team member who called out sick or FMLA or is out on any leave during the above time periods will remain coded as such;
•  If a team member has worked make up time for any shift or partial shift missed in the above protected dates, their regularly scheduled shift will be paid at straight time and the makeup time will also be paid at straight time.


Updated On: Oct 18, 2022
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