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What is GSAP?

GSAP, (Ground Safety Action Program), is a FAA sponsored, voluntary, self-reporting program designed to identify and reduce possible safety hazards. GSAP reports are for any operational safety hazards and to report potential non-compliance of company policies and procedures or regulations.

The FAA, the Association and American Airlines Corporate Safety management partner together as the Event Review Committee (ERC) using the confidential reports collected with the intent to improve safety through cooperative follow-up and appropriate non-punitive actions, reffered to as skills enhancement, to increase education and awareness.

What should I know about GSAP?

  • GSAP's role in the Safety Management System (SMS) process is to proactively report damages and near misses (change in timimng or position could have caused damage or injury)
  • Mainline, domestic fleet service employees represented by the Association in a ramp, catering, control center, or cargo role will be covered under GSAP
  • GSAp is a CONIDENTIAL and DE-IDENTIFIED- personal information will not be shared outside of the GSAP team
  • Information is used strictly to improve safety and learn why some trends may be occuring that may not have been identified before
  • Station investigations will continue to identify the root cause as currentlydone today; ONLY difference is discipline cannot be issued while an event is under the Event Review Committee's review
  • A report will be rejected from the program if criminal activity, subsance abuse, controlled substance, alcohol, intentional falsification, or reckless behavior are involved
  • GSAP report filings are NOT to intefere with the station's investigation
  • GSAP Advocate will be assigned by the Association to each station to promote GSAP and may assist on special circumstance that may not infringe on the employee's confidentiality and will be governed by the ERC
  • An Association member in the ERC can be reached at the respective email at the bottom for any GSAP support





Event occurs Employee tells Manager about event Company begins investigation Affected employee fills out GSAP report, recommended within 24 hours. Filing a GSAP report CANNOT interfere with a company investigation. If the GSAP ERC accepts the GSAP report, no punitive action will be taken and submitter will work with ERC on their skills enhancement plan If the GSAP ERC rejects the GSAP report, the company will continue their investigation

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