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The Ramp Crossover Shift Bid will begin on Monday September 12th 2022. The bid will be conducted in Ramp Training Room B (Ramp) across from Employee Service Center and Union Field Office (Cargo).

You may BID 3 ways:

  1. In person. For this option you must be in the Bid (Training) Room at the start of your bid time frame.
  2. Bid by Phone. The BID phone numbers are:

Ramp: 786-591-2090 • 786-591-2071

Cargo: 786-591-3850 * 786-591-3851

  1. Bid by authorized proxy through the Ramp BID Form. See steps below.

Procedure for absentee bidding:

  • Submit a MIA Ramp Bid Form and include the position shift number, Other forms and incomplete forms will not be accepted.  Properly completed forms may be time-stamped and dropped in the bid box.  Administration will not accept bid forms at the window.
  • If you are not present to bid, your bid will not be accepted from another FSC without a signed Bid Form.  If your authorized representative is not present at your bid time, you will be bypassed.  Another employee will not be allowed to bid for you.  There will be no exceptions.
  • The bid process will not be held up to locate any employee.
  • If you are not present to bid and do not phone in your bid, you will be bypassed.
  • After you BID please do not stay inside or outside the BID Room as the space is limited and we need to continue the process in a quiet and timely manner.
  • All MIA Ramp Bid forms must be time-stamped and placed in the Bid Box located by the administration office. The bid box will be emptied prior to the bid starting. Do not give forms to the administration personnel.

Employees will not be called at home or their cellular phones to bid. You must appear in person, call at your bid time, or complete a Bid Form, available on the wall rack next to Employee Service Center.

Guidance for Employees Crossing over from Ramp to Cargo and vice-versa:

• Per JCBA only 10% of the smaller workforce (Cargo) will be allowed crossover. This will be based on seniority

• The effective day of the Bid is Monday 10/10 including for those awarded a spot on the other

 Duty Location (Ramp/Cargo).

• If you are new to either Ramp or Cargo you will require inductive Training from our Training Department You will need to report to them at 08:00am on the first day of the Bid (unless advised otherwise by Training Dept.) Contacts as follows:

Ramp Training: 786-591-2188 (Juan Bueno, Sidney Jimenez)

Cargo Training: 786-591-3151 (Bob Norman, Barbara Stinson Anthony Thorpe)

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