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    Hurricane update for AA IOC and MIA HUB discussed. In the event of hurricane or tropical winds affect the station ( MIA HUB), the company will reduce operation to wide body aircrafts. This information is all preliminary and relies on the course of the hurricane. The hurricane hotline has been updated with information. If the conditions of your commute is obstructed due flooding, debris, etc., and does not allow you to travel to work, please make every effort to contact the company’s My Time website. We shouldn’t place our families nor ourselves in harms way due to the this inclement weather. Stay safe.

      In order for your surviving spouse to receive the maximum pension benefits in case you die. Make sure to fill and submit the Enhanced QPSA Election form. You can find this form on Jetnet under Pension Service Center.

    FLOC MEETING IN MIAMI WAS A SUCCESS! Members of the TWU Future Leaders Organizing Committee (FLOC) met August 6-8 in Miami, the event was planned and hosted by TWU Local 568. During the first day of the conference, the committee received a special visit from guest speaker Mrs. Se'Adoreia "CeeCee" Brown, President of AFSCME Local 199.

    Should I retire now?  What type of plan best suits my needs? You have questions Chuck Laterza has answers! Chuck Laterza is a retirement coach who has worked with the Transport Workers Union of America for more than a decade providing advise for American Airlines employees who want are planning to retire.

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    TWU LOCAL 568's Political Committee. A new Political Committee has been established, and a delegation of members from Local 568 was sent to meet with local legislators. This delegation was sent to lobby at the South Florida AFL-CIO legislative breakfast, where they met with local legislators and discussed several essential airport issues and challenges.

    The origins of the holiday can be traced back to March 8, 1857, when garment workers in New York City staged a protest against inhumane working conditions and low wages, according to the United Nations. The police attacked the protesters and dispersed them, but the movement continued and led to the creation of the first women’s labor union.
    Agreements in Principle January 30, 2020, After more than four years of bargaining, the TWU-IAM Association is proud to announce we have reached Agreements in Principle with American Airlines for five new joint collective bargaining agreements (JCBAs) worth $4.

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    October 07, 2022
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